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2 iPhones on the same iTunes account sending iMessages as emails to each other

My wife and I have both got 2 iPhones, we also both have MacBooks that uses iMessages and I have an iMac that has iMessages installed... so it all got very confusing when we iMessage each other. All the products were set up using the same email address for the iTunes account, so we only have to buy an App once from the iTunes store, and it is shared on them all.

Problem is my wife had 2 sets of text messages from me, and so did I from her iPhone. One set was normal text messages, the other set was the iMessages.

What I found is the problem, is that Apple products can have different "Apple IDs" added for different parts of the system. For example the iTunes store you set up to access the app store should all be the same Apple ID, the main one that will pay for Apps. But iCloud, iMessages and FaceTime can all have different Apple IDs.

To fix it, create a new Apple ID by clicking the link below

Now delete the iCloud account on your iPhone (make sure it is all backed up first on a computer if you're using it to store your data as it will delete the phone numbers, Calendar, Reminders, Notes Etc from your iPhone!). To delete your iCloud account, goto "Settings > iCloud" and scroll to the bottom and press "Delete Account". Now enter the new Apple ID and follow the on screen questions. This means that the data on your phone is now being backed up to its own iCloud account.

Now to correct the iMessage account, go to
- For iMessage: Settings>Messages>Receive At

And click on Apple ID, then enter in the new Apple ID you have set up... and do the same for the FaceTime (if you use it).

- For FaceTime: Settings>FaceTime>Email

Now your iPhone is using
- iTunes Account - the same existing Apple ID for all the iTunes account (so you can share bought Apps)
- iCloud Account - the new unique Apple ID, so it wont ever get confused with other data from other phones or computers
- iMessage Account - The new unique Apple ID, so it knows which iPhone is which.
- FaceTime account - The new unique Apple ID, so it knows which iPhone is which.

Do this with every user, so if you have 3 people using an iPhone and another apple product each, they should all be using different Apple IDs apart from the iTunes account.

I find it crazy that Apple produces the most user-friendly operating systems, but where ever the iTunes system is involved, it is extremely complex and usually very hard to understand how it all works. It is like it is made by a totally different company and lets down the entire Apple iOS mobile and desktop OSX operating system. Why isn't there a simple screen in settings called Apple ID accounts, that lists all the accounts and what Apple ID is in each? Or be able to setup sub accounts in the Apple ID website, sure that would make more sense, so they are attached to the same iTunes account, but through unique Apple IDs?


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