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    Zoolander 2 - 96 Camera Bullet Time Rig

  • Zoolander 2 Bullet Time

    Zoolander 2 - 96 Camera Bullet Time Rig

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1- How Long does it take to set up the Bullet Time Rig?


    It depends on the rig, where it will be and other factors. But the average time is between 4 - 6hrs from start until ready to shoot.

  • 2- What power will we need?


    We only need one 240V power supply. We can run it with no power at all if pre-warned, as we have a silent battery system or a generator for outside use.

  • 3- How long does it take to preview the Bullet Time Movie


    It takes about 20 seconds or less to download the images from the cameras, we will then have all the images ready for preview a few seconds later. The final exported movie will take aproxiumately 2 working days to produce.

  • 4- How do we transfer the media?


    We can either create the movie for you, or give you the images directly from the cameras. We can either do this using our FTP server, or on an external hard drive.

  • 5- What resolution can we produce


    We can output a movies up to a maximum resolution of 4272x2848.

  • 6- Will we provide the structure the cameras are attached to?


    Yes we will provide everything that is needed. If you would prefer to provide the structure, this is not a problem, we will let you know what we need to make it work for us.

  • 7- Will we provide lighting?


    We can provide lighting if needed or you can provide this for us, we only use constant lighting with non flicker bulbs.

  • 8- How far will we travel?


    We work globally, we have travelled all the way to Australia from the UK to do work, you cant go much further than that.

  • 9- How many cameras do we have?


    We have 80 cameras, contact us for the latest specifications as we are constantly changing them for current models.

  • 10- How big is the Bullet Time rig?


    The structure we use for the InstaCam360 events is 5.5 meters across. We can provide almost any shape you would need though, in curves, straight bars, ovals, even custom produced structures from engineering drawings as we did with the Rafael Nadel shoot.

  • 11- Which lenses do you use?


    The cameras are Canon DSLR bodies with the 18-55mm lens. We can also use any other lens type you need to fit with your film cameras.

  • 12- Do we do the post production?


    Yes, we do all the post production in-house. We have 3 incredibly tallented post production guys, each have worked on hollywood blockbusters and with some of the best creative/film agencies on the planet. Whether it be 3D/CGI, green screen or just general editing, we can do this for you.

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These are just a few questions we are asked by almost all clients. But of course every client have thier own requirements, and thier own questions. Please call us if you have any questions.


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