Bullet Time Software

We have built our own award winning bespoke software solution for both the InstaCam and Instacam360 services we provide. With AutoAlignment, complete camera control and syncronisation, social media upload, and direct emailing of movies to name a few features.

Experiential Events 

We have spent the past 11 years creating experiential events, from what we know we were the first in the world offering a Bullet Time Experiential service. We have worked with a partner company, creating the worlds most advanced and complete bespoke software designed specifically for this service. The system allows us to add an audio track, an intro and an outro movie to the system, these will be added to the final created movie.

Bullet Time Experiential Page

Film and Movies 

Our software used in the experiential work is also used in film and movies that we work on. With a simple control system, we can update all the settings and controls on any camera individually from one work station.

We can synchronise all the cameras in a couple of seconds, and download all the files the camera creates, JPG and RAW individually or at the same time.

The software we use above can then also auto create a movie in less than a minute, allowing directors and producers to view the shot taken, for angle, exposure, white balance and angles.