Bullet Time Booth 

Camera array photography tailored for the experiential event industry. 


Back in 2004, from what we know, New World Designs produced the worlds first Bullet Time Booth for London Fashion Week. It has since then been copied across the world many times for celebrity events and other events by experiential agencies.

InstaCam360 is a world class highly accurate bullet time photography rig, built with usually 50 cameras, positioned on a 5.5 diameter aluminium heavy duty, light weight structure, that fits perfectly into a 6 meter marquee.

The full system can be fully branded, to suit the end clients needs.

It takes about 4hrs to set up, and 2hrs to strip down. We need a square of space 6x6 meters and a ceiling height of 2.5 meters (the taller the better for people jumping about).

We provide 2 operators, who will do all the building, operating, photography taking, system strip down and post production of movies. In general, we do everything!

The structure can be lifted to any height up to 2.4 meters high, this can be level or with one side lower than another, which makes an interesting angle view point.

The videos are then shown to the user within 10 seconds as a preview, allowing them to see what we have just taken, we will then create this into a movie and upload it to a social media website such as YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, Tumblr etc.

Data capture - we have created an amazing tablet based POS system that collects the details of the user, which can then be provided to the client or agency after. This allows you to send a group email out, reminding them where the videos can be seen, and thanking them for attending the event.

The data capture system is also used for the user to sign a consent form for use of the images provided including a disclaimer if the user should injure themselves whilst jumping about on the floor.

Cost effective - When produced as part of a well made campaign, we have achieved hundreds of thousands of movie views. On our Unilever Streets Ice Cream Happy Booth project, we achieved almost half a million movie views, each one costing less than a penny each to achieve. This is cheaper than any PPC and most other campaigns.

Our custom made rig will fit into a 6x6 meter marquee or space.

3D drawing of the structure

Or you could make your own exhibition space?


Or maybe you could cover it over for outside events?





50+ camera Bullet Time Booth Event Hire

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