Bullet Time 

Camera array photography for film and TV. 

Camera Array Photography 

New World Designs is one of the worlds only dedicated Bullet Time solutions, with multiple camera sets, full custom designed wiring systems all computer controlled with bespoke software, bespoke dedicated CNC clamping systems and a trigger with an incredible 1 billionth of a second accuracy.

The only delay is inside of the cameras themselves, after 12 years of testing, and testing and testing, we have removed almost all time delays and have accuracy down to fractions of a thousandth of a second between any of the cameras firing.

The trigger system allows multiple firing modes, all at once, once after the other with controlled time delay between each camera down to 1/1000th up to 1/2 of a second between each and custom pre-programmed allowing the cameras to be fired in any pattern along a time line.

We can use the cameras in any way you would need as in any normal photography, including long exposure and time lapse /stop motion photography.

Each camera can also record video, giving you the option to choose any frames you need.




Custom built and provided Bullet Time productions

This is only a fraction of what we offer, please contact us to see how we can help you.

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