Who we are

Founded in 1998 and based in the North East of the UK, New World Designs is a creative agency focused on immersive media. We were an early pioneer of commercial bullet time photography in the UK (Also known as TimeSlice or Time Slice), where “Matrix style” scenes separate time and movement to deliver truly unique visuals. Since then, we’ve developed the expertise, equipment and bespoke systems to become a global leader in the industry.

How we got here

NWD was started whilst at Sunderland University back in the 90s, making extra money to pay for beer and pizzas. A few years later we were building high end websites and were one of the first pioneers of Virtual Reality, working on virtual tours, like Google Maps before Google even had maps! This was called Quick Time Virtual Reality, an Apple based system what was then over taken by Flash, and then again by HTML5.

During this time, we spent a lot of time developing turntables, mechanical photographic systems, and of course Bullet Time Rigs. Our first rig being made back in 2003, we also created multi camera systems for capturing 360 spherical video with multiple DSLR Canon 5D Mark 2 cameras in late 2005, stitching the finished results together frame by frame.

Today we have created one of the most sophisticated Bullet Time rigs on the planet, with precise trigger control, allowing us to control each camera independently, a software suite that allows the full automated process of the camera control, downloads, auto alignment, social media integration, and data capture to name a few. We have created custom wiring systems which allows for very fast and stable setups for both Experiential and Production setups.