Evolution E-Type Jaguar

About this project Evolution E-Types are a company that create cars by hand from scratch… and when we say scratch, we mean literally every single element of the car. – All valves in the brake and other systems are re-designed, cast, machined out, and fitted – The geometry of the car has been modified to…

Sunderland Echo Portfolio Winners

On Thursday the 26th of Nov we were very proud to be the winners of multiple awards at the Sunderland Echo 2017 Business Awards. We won the Creative Industries Award and became finalists in two other categories, ‘Small Business Of The Year’ and ‘Exporter Of The Year’.

Sunderland City Of Culture Bid 2021

Today New World Designs have officially been told that along with Second Draft, we have beaten dozens of media producers to create the City Of Culture Bid 2021. The video will be a huge part of wether Sunderland will win the hugely prestigious cultural award.   Beating over 30 other entries, our story board and creative ideas…

Durham Photographic Society Fun Night

We were asked by Durham Photographic Society if we could pop in and show our rig to the members as guest speakers. So we popped along with a 24 camera rig, 3 computer systems, and had the rig fired up in less than 1hr. We then spent a further hour aligning and calibrating the cameras…

Eadward James Muybridge, ‘Spanking A Child’ Animal_locomotion. Plate_527

130 years of Bullet Time!

130 years ago this year, the mad crazy Eadweard James Muybridge (who shot and murdered a guy and got away with it), took what is known as the first true synchronous bullet time shot, ‘Spanking A Child’.       You can see if you look carefully, that the plates all have slightly different blacks and…

Free Stuff!!!!

Today in the New World Designs office, we have Sunderland Software Cityand Sunderland BID making a proper racket! So we decided to go out and see what freebies we could pick up Sunderland Software City is hosting its annual jobs fair at th… Today in the New World Designs office, we have Sunderland Software City…

Budweiser Shot released

This was from a shoot we did in Feb this year down in London. There are worse ways of making a living, working in a bar, photographing beer! https://www.facebook.com/BudweiserUK/videos/10154356480302021/

Pixelstick fun

We were given a pixel stick to play with by pixel stick themselves. To be honest we were hugely busy when we got it, so didn’t get to use it to its full potential.